Supportive lecturers and vast career options…

Guest Post by Amy Hill

Studying a degree in English Literature allows you to learn about so much more than texts alone, you become knowledgeable in history, politics, sociology, gender equality, culture – the list goes on! I chose Worcester University because I fell in love with the city and the campus, the humanities department is extremely friendly, supportive and they have expert knowledge in their subject fields. My lecturers have supported me in so many ways to achieve the best in my degree – as a mature student I have appreciated their support in helping me on my academic journey.

After my degree, I will be studying an MA in English Literature with the University of Worcester and after this a PGCE. I enjoyed the course so much I just really had to give myself an extra year with the University of Worcester and the lecturers in the English department.

My career options are so vast – currently I worked, and will work next year, with the Academic Sponsorship Trust as a student facilitator with a charity that supports people who have experienced homelessness or are homeless in Worcestershire, we read aloud to re-engage with education and confidence. I also work as an Editor / Reader for an online magazine and take part in the Worcester Literature and Fringe community. The great thing about studying with the University of Worcester is you become part of a community and have the opportunity to give to the people in the community. I really wish I had realised all the possibilities and opportunities that were available to me as a student at Worcester earlier and taken full advantage!

My advice to a first year studying English Literature is to get involved with everything in the department. The humanities department runs additional lectures on the evenings which are open to everyone and it gives you an opportunity to see how lecturers prepare and present new academic papers. My second piece of advice would be to make use of all the free educational material the university gives you access to and in this vein – Show up to all your lectures and do the reading! When you’re prepared a lecture is so much better. Finally, your lecturers are there to help – so if you need help just ask.

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