Student Testimonials

Below you will find student quotes about studying at the University of Worcester and their experiences of studying English Literature and English Language.

Amy Hill “My lecturers have supported me in so many ways to achieve the best in my degree – as a mature student I have appreciated their support in helping me on my academic journey. My career options are so vast – currently I worked and will work next year with the Academic Sponsorship Trust as a student facilitator with a charity that supports people who have experienced homelessness.”

Charlotte Taylor “The English Literature tutors at Worcester have not only shaped the positive experience I have had at University, but have also further inspired my own career path.”

Kelly Williams “Before studying at Worcester, writing was a hobby and now I view it as a career path. In particular, studying an English Literature & Creative Writing degree at Worcester allowed me to differentiate between writing styles, which led to me realise that I love to write poetry and thanks to Worcester I am now a published poet after winning the V.Press Poetry Prize.”