English Language

Language shapes our world. It influences our perception of reality, brings our thoughts to life, and enables us to form relationships and forge communities. Richly textured and infinitely diverse, we work with language every day to communicate with those around us, from the formality of the boardroom to the clarity of the classroom.

At Worcester, you will have the opportunity to explore the power that language has to influence how people view their world, from community formation to personal identity, and business relations.

“The modules enable students to follow a very broad range of subject areas, which gives excellent experience for the future.”

Kelly Laydon, English Language graduate

English Language is a joint honours course. You can study it with a range of other courses including English Literature, to make a complete English Studies course, or perhaps something like Creative Writing or Journalism.

Creative Writing and English Language BA – WQ83
Education Studies and English Language BA – XQ3H
English Language and English Literature BA -QQ23
English Language and Journalism BA -PQ53
English Language and Media & Culture BA – PQ33
English Language and Religion, Philosophy & Values in Education – Q310

Dr Lefteris Kailoglou is the Course Leader for English Language. He has been working at the University of Worcester from 2011, and previously taught at the University of Essex and University of Sussex. Lefteris has also been supervising a number of dissertations on sociolinguistic variation in Worcester as well as topics on language and identity. He has also been involved in the establishment of the Worcester dialect archive which is located within the Institute

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